Protect a work

Ascribe helps you to record, archive and share your digital works. When you register a work on Ascribe, the terms of the license you selected will be saved to the blockchain . Ascribe allows you to share your works freely, while maintaining your attribution.

BOKK is a collaboration with Ascribe to give everyone the power to enable authors to protect and control the use of their digital works.

Ascribe allows you to:

1. Record your work and start telling its story.
2. Add a Creative Commons license to your work.
3. Share your work with friends and partners.

1. Creating an account on ascribe

Click on "Save" this button will take you to the blockchain platform of BOKK.
Once on this platform, click on SIGNUP to create an account.
A form asking for your "Email" and "Password" will appear. Once filled up your BOKK account will be created.

A confirmation email is sent to your mailbox to confirm and validate your registration.

2. Submit a work on the blockchain

With your login you need to log in to your account at
Once done, go to the "+ NEW WORK" tab.
All you have to do is fill in the fields corresponding to the work you wish to submit and place it in the area provided for this purpose

3. Consult your art collection

On your account you have access to the works you have uploaded to the blockchain by clicking on the "Collection" tab.
This page also allows you to access the individual record of each work.

4. Consult a work and its information

From the page "Collection" clicking on the title of a work, one accesses the contents of it.
You will find information such as: editing, ID on blockchain, date of recording. You can also remove the ocher. You can also perform a series of actions:
E-MAIL - Allows someone to view jobs or edit by e-mail, but does not give the right to publish or view it. (For example a photographer of proofs shares a graduation photo with the graduate's grandparents by e-mail)

TRANSFER - Change the ownership of an edition. As a physical work piece, transferring ownership of an edition does not transfer copyright in the work. (For example a limited edition Transfers musician 1 of 10 from his new album to a very happy fan)

CONSIGNER - Allows you to be represented in the processing of the job, according to the terms you accept. (For example, an artist has 10 editions of his new work in a gallery so that the gallery can sell them in his name, according to the terms of the artist and the gallery agreed to)

READY - Allows someone to use or put the job on the screen for a limited amount of time. (For example a collector loans a job to a gallery for a month for display in the show's gallery)

DELETE - Removes the job from your portfolio. Note that the previous record and transfer history will continue to exist on the blockchain and can not be deleted. (For example an artist downloaded the wrong file and does not want to clutter his wallet, so he deletes it)